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Originally, Bonnie was not scheduled to come to South Africa. Her husband, Kirk, found out about the ‘adventure’ through Patrick Henrie, another guest in the group. Ultimately Bonnie was scheduled to come with them and Kirk’s son, Connor. Bonnie didn’t think she would do much hunting but just enjoy the experience as a ‘tourist’, but as it turned out she ended up being the ‘star’:) They all said the accomodations were marvelous and the food was excellent. They enjoyed being able to eat what they shot. They would definitely recommend you to anyone seeking a great African safari experience!

“Jacques, I had a great time hunting with you. Tracking the Zebras was definitely the highlight or maybe it was hunting the giraffe, either way, it was something I will not soon forget.
Thanks for all your hard work.”
August 24, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Guy Walker, hired Jacques as a Hunting Guide in 2009

“Jacques is a very good professional hunter and a good friend of mine.
He has one of the best hunting camps in South Africa for bow hunting that I have hunted.
He also has very good accommodations and his staff is some of the best around.” 
August 23, 2009
Steven Sillitoe, Owner, Hunting Consultants.

“To whom it may concern:
I hunted in South Africa in June of 2007.  During my time there Jacques Swart served as my Professional Hunter. During this week plus excursion I came to understand the importance of having the right person to guide you on your hunt.

The most important aspect of the PH is their ability to bond and form a relationship with the hunter. This starts with getting to know each other.  Jacques understands that serving his client is enhanced by knowing such things as their hunting experience, style in the field and even their demeanour and personality. Jacques asks questions so as to understand how you feel about your time in the field and whether he needs to make changes in how he is planning your experience

Jacques displays many skills during the hunt. They include tracking and following targeted animals. He picks out the “trophy” animal in the pack; while helping you decide when to take the shot.

Jacques also knows when to give you space to make your “hunting” decisions. Besides in the field activities Jacques can create a video memory of your hunt by taping or taking still pictures.  Being a competent photographer is one of many competent skills along with cooking as he cooked for us in the field as well as at our camp. Having a guide who was experienced and could speak to past situations was informative as well as entertaining.

I would recommend him to anyone planning a hunt.”

Donald Buchanan
Washington, DC USA
buchananda56@yahoo .com

“I have been privileged to be accompanied by Jacques Swart as PH on 2 bow hunts since July 2007.

On these 2 hunts I have taken 3 Impala rams, 1 Blue Wildebeest Bull and 1 Eland bull (Roland ward). The successes achieved on these 2 hunts speak for them self.

Jaques is thoroughly professional in performing his duties as PH and extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of bow hunting.

I recommend him any time for almost guaranteed success.”

N de Klerk

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